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Golden Spoons Review: Southern Spice

| 18/07/2017 | 2 Comments

CNS Business(CNS Foodie): When you think of getting chicken at Baytown Plaza on West Bay Road, a famous franchise often comes to mind. However, just a few steps away you can get a curried version of that fowl, plus many other meats (for you carnivores), cooked with all sorts of herbs and spices from India. Southern Spice is a delicious haven, right at the beginning of the Seven Mile strip.

The food is addictive but I think it’s the staff that really get you hooked. I don’t know if this team is related to each other, but I will say it felt like family when we walked through the door. As we arrived for a weekday lunch, we were immediately greeted and seated in the corner.

The ambience is sweet and colourful. Perhaps too colourful? Every wall is painted a different bold colour, which can be overwhelming for such a small space. However, that size is also an attraction, because it is cosy and warm. Regardless, the staff’s service is what really shines.

CNS Business

Chickpea salad

The restaurant offers a great lunch special that includes a local beer/tea/soda with your entrée. They immediately brought out water and a delicious house-made chickpea salad. I asked if it had an official Indian name, but they told me it was their own creation. To that I say congratulations, because it’s zesty, fresh and a reason to keep me coming back. I had to ask for extra to eat with my entrée and they brought me a giant bowl accompanied by warm, fluffy naan. Now, that’s what I call service.

I ordered the chicken tikka masala ($10.95) which featured chunks of tender marinated chicken breast buried in a rich, tomato sauce balanced with cream. I also discovered that if you mix the chickpea salad with this dish, the result is nothing short of phenomenal. But if by chance there is any leftover sauce, take that home, add your own meat and create a tasty quick meal. This dish is not too hot and a great gateway choice if you have never tried Indian cuisine.

My friend ordered the tandoor shrimp masala dosa ($12.95), a thin rice crepe filled with spiced shrimp. The first thing we noticed as the dish arrived was the massive size of the crepe. Silence then followed as we both tucked into our food.

CNS Business

Tandoor shrimp masala dosa

To accompany the meal we had Chardonnay (two for one, $6.95), India’s own Kingfisher beer ($5.25) and an iced tea ($1.95). They only serve wine and beer but have an extensive selection of each.

The owners pride themselves on preparing traditional Indian cuisine. The dishes were made with high-quality ingredients and extremely flavourable. Indian food is a party for your palate, without being overwhelming. You can request different levels of heat (spice), but we both preferred mild for our lunch. However, I have been there before and know they can turn on the heat if requested. The food is presented masterfully, though the portions may be smaller than what’s offered at other restaurants. While we were happy to partake of the rice and naan, which filled us up, I can see that being an issue for anyone not interested in extra carbs.

Overall, Southern Spice offers excellent value for money, especially with their lunch special. Gratuity (15%) is included and much deserved. If you appreciate good Indian food served in a homey atmosphere, this restaurant will keep you coming back.

Southern Spice website

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love southern spice especially there fried fish! And the chick peas. The dessert is amazing as well. I agree with you customer service is great! They are always smiling and willing to help. And the decor can be re modeled. Overall great place to eat! Its just sad how it is tucked away in a plaza that people mostly go for junk food!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I eat there a lot. I wish they were in a less stressful place than that one where people are parking and jostling to get their buckets of KFC, but their food is very reliable and their service/staff, especially Mr Raj, wonderful. I agree with the two spoons for ambience. They deserve a better location.

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