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The Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands is the local unicameral parliament where the laws of the Cayman Islands are debated and passed. It is also referred to as “the LA” and “the House”. The powers, duties and make-up of the LA, including who is eligible to stand for office, are set out in Part IV of the 2009 Constitution. The rules governing procedure in the LA are set out in the Legislative Assembly Standing Orders (2006) Revision, which the LA may amend or revoke.  In any matter not provided for in Standing Orders, procedure follows the UK House of Commons Standing Orders.

The LA comprises:

The current MLAs were elected under the existing multi-member system, whereby in each of the six districts registered voters were able to cast as many votes as there were seats in that district (six in George Town, four in West Bay, four in Bodden Town, two in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, and one each in North Side and East End). However, the ruling PPM party promised in their election manifesto to introduce single member constituencies before the next general election.

General elections take place every four years unless the governor, after consultation with the premier, dissolves the Legislative Assembly before that.

Legislative Assembly Standing Committees

  • Finance Committee
  • Public Accounts Committee
  • Register of Interests Committee
  • Standing Orders Committee

Standing Select Committees

  • Standing Business Committee
  • Standing House Committee
  • Standing Select Committee on Privilege
  • Standing Select Committee to Oversee the Performance of the Office of the Complaints Commissioner

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