About CNS

This site is one of five websites run by Cayman News Service Ltd, the premier online news outlet for the Cayman Islands and an entirely internet-based media house.

CNS publishes original news content daily on caymannewsservice.com, which focuses on Cayman politics, crime, local and environmental news.

Our business site, cnsbusiness.com, concentrates on local business news as well as news regarding the offshore finance sector, local and relevant technology developments and world business.

Sports and community news articles are published on our Local Life site, cnslocallife.com, where we also post our popular column, Ask Auntie.

Our document library, cnslibrary.com, is where we store the document we accumulate during the course of our work for free use by the public.

CNS also offers free classified ads on FreeCayAds.com, where ads for employment openings and jobs wanted, real estate, cars, boats and general items for sale in the Cayman Islands can be uploaded instantly without registering. Notices and information disseminated by the Cayman Islands Government and local non-profit organisations are published on the FreeCayAds Notice Board.

Cayman News Service Ltd is a limited liability company registered in the Cayman Islands. The company has two shareholders, Nicky Watson and Wendy Ledger. Nicky Watson is the only director of Cayman News Service Ltd.

Current Trade and Business Licence for Cayman News Service Ltd.

Income for the company is entirely from paid advertisements. Despite all the rumours and conspiracy theories, CNS has no secret backers, no patrons or shareholders, no funding or help from political parties or (our favourite non-fact) support from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. No individual or entity controls us or owns us. It is politically expedient for people to claim otherwise but this is the truth.

Most CNS articles are written by Wendy Ledger, who is a British national and a Permanent Resident of the Cayman Islands. She covers the proceedings at the Legislative Assembly, the courts, crime, public meetings and other significant events. This is a much larger workload than journalists working for other news organisations, but the fact that she is able to do this and keep smiling is one of the reasons why we are able to function on a shoestring budget and avoid the need for backers with their inevitable demands.

Nicky is British born with Caymanian Status and has lived in the Cayman Islands since December 1987. She monitors the website and manages its development, moderates the comments, and runs the business side of things.

Cayman News Service has been operating as a 24-hour online media house since August 2008.