Hospital begins dispensing cannabis oil

| 09/05/2017 | 5 Comments

(CNS Business): Grand Cayman’s CTMH Doctors Hospital and Cayman Pharmacy Group has introduced medical cannabis for physician selected patients who are resident in the Cayman Islands. Case studies reveal life changing results for patients suffering with chronic pain, neuropathic pain and seizures, among other health related problems who are treated with cannabis oil. The medicine will, initially, be dispensed out of Professional Pharmacy to spearhead this strongly supported treatment.

The prescription of cannabis oil for many conditions, including cancer, was made possible after Dennie Warren Jr successfully lobbied government to change the misuse of drugs law and allow for what many believe is a near miraculous and natural way to treat many serious diseases.

Warren is now running for office in George Town West as an independent candidate and one of his main political platforms is the call for further legislative changes to facilitate the cultivation of the marijuana plant in the Cayman Islands and the establishment of a medical cannabis industry where the oil is manufacture here.

In the meantime, it must be imported and CTMH said it is working with CanniMed Therapeutics Inc., an authorised licensed producer of pharmaceutical grade cannabis oils in Canada, and Caribbean Medical Distributors Ltd CMD to bring in the oil, according to a press release.

The oil contains measurable combinations of the active ingredients of cannabis, Tetrahyrdocannabinol or THC and Cannabidiol or CBD. Hospital officials said that to begin with, only a limited supply of oil will be dispensed to a small number of physician selected patients. During this initial phase, the primary focus is to engage and educate these patients and track their progress to assist them to achieve desired outcomes and minimise side effects.

“There will be follow-up phone calls from the pharmacists themselves to closely monitor each patient. The pharmacist will also provide feedback for the physicians and together they will work towards an individually tuned treatment plan,” the hospital stated. “Professional Pharmacy will consider prescriptions for cannabis oil from all licensed prescribers. Patients are encouraged to seek medical advice on this therapy directly from their physicians.”

The hospital explained that specific cannabis oil product information will be circulated to physicians by CMD and Professional Pharmacy. As with all prescriptions, Professional Pharmacy provides free and confidential patient counselling on prescriptions they dispense.

“These advancements in medicinal cannabis have been proven successful in multiple case studies around the world,” the hospital officials said. “These case studies reveal life changing results for patients suffering with many conditions such as chronic pain, neuropathic pain and seizures. As with all medications, care and caution must be exercised to minimise risks and maximise health benefits.”

The release stated that multiple continuing education events and training on these new medical advancements were conducted in-house during the month of April by CTMH – Doctors Hospital and Cayman Pharmacy Group. The next Continuing Education training event will be held in the upcoming weeks. (Call 946-2407 for details or to pre-register.)

The treatment is approved for use only in the Cayman Islands and cannot cross international borders legally. Patients cannot carry medical cannabis oils into the United States, UK or Canada, even with a prescription.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for Mrs Warren. Her husband obviously loves her to bits but he is massively delusional if he thinks that this pointless legislation is going to help her or anyone else in any clinically positive sense. Snake oil ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you have never been in chronic pain. This legislation helps those who have so many illnesses that cannot be treated by big pharma. It is non- addictive and is natural and does not need additives to make it effective. It also is able to bring in many jobs to the island and create a huge industry for the Caymanian people. People self medicate with alcohol all the time (which is highly addictive) and legal. Seems like it’s past time to put predudice aside and move forward.

  2. nikolaus foster says:

    first of all it cannabis should be fully legal. it is natural and a very beneficial plant. none have died from this amazing plant as opposed to cigarettes or alcohol which has killed millions and destroyed families, yet still legal. the only thing bad about cannabis is the process of combustion of its flowers(smoking) any smoke is bad for your lungs. there is a horrible and false social stigma in the Cayman islands about this plant. cannabis does not make you “go crazy” it is through ignorance this is believed. I find it crazy that cigarettes and alcohol aren’t illegal. if cannabis were legal in the Cayman islands our economy would boom as there would be more available jobs that people would actually like might I add and greater tourist attraction. cannabis also has many other uses than just medicinal purposes. i.e textiles, fuel, paper, hemp, clothing, etc this island needs t rid itself of ignorance and open its rass eyes smh. revenue from cannabis has the potential to allow our island to prosper.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That comment is so true and funny hahahhaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    Or you can goto any corner block and get a bag for 50 bucks. The system treats its population like kids, yet the ssytem is 20 yeras behind the times.

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