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| 19/04/2016 | 28 Comments

CNS Business(CNS Foodie): If you cried like we did when we heard that Morgan’s Harbour was closing down, you may have jumped up and down like we did when it opened up again. Now simply called Morgan’s, the popular, rustic, seaside eatery is bigger and better than ever.  So if you haven’t checked out the new digs in the reinvigorated Yacht Club yet, do it. You won’t be disappointed. 

The menu is still composed primarily of freshly caught (same day) fish and a few savoury meat dishes, but if you thought the ambiance was great at the old location, you won’t believe how awesome it is at the new one.

Whether arriving by wheels or water, Morgan’s has a number of experiences on offer. Want a sunny, garden atmosphere for a family lunch? Come on in. Looking for a breezy spot with a romantic sea view? Look no further. Just want to catch up at the bar for a private meal? No problem. And what a beautiful bar it is, nestled in the small but spacious indoor seating area, surrounded by the large covered deck, outdoor lawn and the shoreline of Governor’s Creek inlet, looking out to North Sound.

Husband and wife team Richard and Jane and their experienced staff are ready to make your dining experience whatever you want it to be. What a pleasure to be around people who love their work!

So you’ve been seated and are handed the charming mini blackboard specials menu.  Where to start? Well, ceviche is a great place. There are a million ways to make ceviche but as the song says, “You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up.”  Morgan’s ceviche is probably one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s the perfect mix of coconut and lime, onion, fresh herb and a hint of scotch bonnet. Usually available are tuna and wahoo, but if you’re like me, you’ll request a mixed dish (not on the menu), to which your server will probably, like ours did, smile and say, “Not a problem at all!”

We also ordered mussels, which came in a tangy, savoury white wine garlic broth and a green salad. But the first things to arrive were flame-grilled slices of baguette brushed with butter, the perfect dipping companion to your saucy apps. We aren’t adventurous enough to try the black pudding or Stilton pâté but if you’re looking for classic and bold, it looks like they have it at the ready.

While you’re slurping mussels and dipping grilled bread, it’s a good time to sip your specialty beer (rotating stock) or wine by the bottle or glass. Not sure what’s good?  Just ask. Your server is ready to recommend something new and delicious to complement your meal.

So you’ve wet your whistle and are having a relaxing time when your main course arrives. Luckily, you remembered I told you that Morgan’s will mix and match pretty much anything on the menu. Tonight I went for the grilled mahi-mahi with mushroom and green pea risotto. Those who know mahi-mahi know it’s a dense fish that can be easily over done, but if there’s one thing Morgan’s knows, it’s fish.

The mahi-mahi was tender and simply seasoned, while the risotto was creamy and delectable with lots of mushrooms and peas. There’s also the butternut and feta house risotto, which is equally delicious, and there are always several fish options available, as well as lobster (when in season) and a tasty lamb dish served with greek salad, perfect for lunch.

But the pièce de résistance, is the Morgan’s jerk burger.  My dining companion is pained to not order fish at a seafood restaurant, but this burger is seriously something to write home about. It’s a handmade jerk seasoned burger (careful, it’s spicy!) layered with caramelized onions and brie on a soft toasted bun. On the side are perfect, crispy, salty potato wedges.

If you’re ordering this for Sunday lunch, call ahead. Tears were shed once when his order could not be met because boaters who like to order them to take away on Sunday exhausted the supply.

We’re not super big on dessert but our server heard we were celebrating a birthday and offered one to us on the house. After deliberating between the crème brulé and the chocolate brownie, we settled on the peanut butter ice cream pie, which is exactly what you think. Cool and decadent, it was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Morgan’s is one of our most favourite places to dine in all of Cayman. The food is rustic in its simplicity but dynamic with fresh ingredients and broad depth of flavours. The service is top-notch with servers who love what they do and proprietors who always makes you feel like you’re visiting family.

With breezy trees next to sparking water and twinkling lights at night, the atmosphere can’t be beat. Not pretentious or underdone, it’s just the perfect spot for whatever you’re in the mood for.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The location is stunning the food is just ok. Lots of miss-matched flavors. Visit on several occasions not impressed. Very expensive for caymam standard. Don’t mind paying top dollars for great food. Would give 2 spoons for food

  2. Anonymous says:

    Morgan’s is an employee run restaurant. Always hits and misses. Two times there and that was enough. If they know you the service is great

  3. Anonymous says:

    Calypso Grill has the detailed readers ratings but no average, Grand Old House has the readers average rating with no detail, and this one shows ones own average rating but nothing from other readers. What’s the deal?

    CNS: I think that I have fixed this. Can you let me know if you find any more problems?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I do understand that CNS is trying something new and have refrained from commenting before but… these ‘reviews’ are terrible! I’m really sorry, I generally don’t like to be so negative. I have now cringed throughout reading the 3 reviews and I must say that I agree with some other comments that this one is particular reads like the reviewer has been bunged a few dollars by Morgans.
    A costing for two and for the individual dishes would be helpful and is fairly standard when reviewing a restaurant.
    The same reviewer at each is probably the best idea – at the moment it seems like everyone you’ve asked to review a restaurant has just taken advantage of the fact to go and have a free meal at their favourite restaurant.
    Some idea of food would be an excellent idea to qualify someone as a reviewer. Even if the rest of this review wasn’t so inexorably bad, I still would have stopped paying any attention to what this person has to say when they stated that they ‘weren’t adventurous’ enough to try black pudding or stilton pate. Neither of which are exactly ‘out there’ when it comes to food choices.
    CNS, your standard of journalism is usually relatively high. These reviews should be an embarrassment to whoever is approving them to be published…

  5. Anonymous says:

    CNS should also compare ethnic food restaurants against each other. Italian to Italian, continental to continental Asian to Asian local to local Mexican to Mexi8can and French to French. this would mix it up a bit.

  6. Caymanian idiot says:

    Reading the last 3 reviews from CNS, the are very different, all three restaurants have positives and negatives.
    Calypso- most consistent resturant on the island but a little pricy and on occasion very load and crowded
    Grand old house- amazing view and food is ok, that bloody tent runs it for me, turning into a fancy fast food resturant. However for private lunches hit the wine room amazing.
    Morgans- very well built and fun place, shame about the drunk regulars XXXXX.

    Now there is an honest review of all three places, simple .

    CNS I know you are trying a new thing, maybe you should allow your readers to give a star review of each place, this may give a more objective review.

    CNS Note: There are readers’ star ratings at the end of each review. How could you miss that?

    This is a small island, in 1988 I had a bad meal at one of the top restaurants in Cayman and haven’t been back since. I do think like the owner of another resturant because they have never brought me a drink.
    Oh a Bartender was rude I won’t go back there.

    Let’s be honest we are a very lucky island, we have a large selection of amazing places to eat here, from local to high end food, not all of us are going to like every place but please remeber tourists are reading this and may not go to certain places because of your reviews. Please be careful on how you review these places.

    Lastly, I would love to see your last 3 writer go to wellies, mango tree, fillipa resturant on North church street, Spanish place on Smith road. This won’t happen but these places have pretty good simple food and must be liked by some as they are still in business.

    CNS: Those places will be reviewed in good time. Good grief! We’ve only published three reviews so far.

    • Caymanian idiot says:

      I agree you have only started but it appears to this reader that already person writing the reviews are biase to their favorite places and as I am sure you know, there will never be a fare and true review on this island just because we don’t like people and or a location.

      My personal favorites are ( in which I do have complaints about on occasion)
      1) calypso
      2) the bistro
      3) country and westin
      4) blue cilantro
      5 ) white house (happy hour)
      6) ragazzi
      7) Billy bones
      8) pds
      9) southern spice
      10) Casa 43

      I’m sure most people won’t agree but these 10 places have the most consistent food to me on the island.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey CNS – I submitted my own ratings but when I refresh it does not show the stats on what readers voted. I noticed this on the GOH review, too. The CG review I could see what % everyone rated it.

      CNS: You’re right. I’ve made a mistake here somewhere. Working on it ….

  7. Ed says:

    Last week about the review of GOH I wrote:
    “The total bill for two would be helpful information. Is a gratuity discretionary or, if it is mandatory, what is the rate asked?”
    You replied that you would include it in future pieces. I wish you had done so.
    How can we judge value for money without knowing what was charged? Also, the amount expected by some places as a tip is ridiculous. I would like to know what is the usual or expected rate.

    CNS: This may not be included in this and a few more reviews that are already written, but gratuity information is something that will be included in future reviews.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This review reads like an advertisement for Morgans. Full of exclamation points and advertising tag lines.

    Come on, did Morgans pay for this review.

    CNS: No, absolutely not.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve eaten there three times total. The first time at the old location was a miss. The second time the food was just blah and the third time I enjoyed the food and dessert. This place has been good or bad for me. Service is just ok, nice view and overly priced.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The food is not that great there, Calypso is way better when it comes to food. But ambiance is definitely better at Morgan’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      I completely disagree with you. For many years, CG has served exactly the same sides…… super skinny fried potatoes & mixed veggies (yawn) with every dish….. no sides matched to the entrée. Completely unimaginative & BORING. Each dish at Morgan’s has its own sides. Obviously the chef cares enough to make each entrée enticing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “So you’ve been seated and are handed the charming mini blackboard specials menu”
    Are you referring to the same mini blackboard you hated at Calypso Grill? Make your mind up, do you love them or do you hate them?

    CNS note: This is a different reviewer and may, therefore, have different opinions about things.

    “Those who know mahi-mahi know it’s a dense fish that can be easily over done”. Wrong! Mahi is one of the easiest fish to cook and is very difficult to mess up.

    These reviews are so bias its hilarious! This reads more like an advertisement for Morgan’s than a restaurant review. These just get worse and worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can’t have different reviewers, it has to be consistent or you lose all credibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect to CNS, one of the things that makes restaurant reviews relevant is the understanding of likes / dislikes between the author of the review and the reader. If we, as readers, never know who the reviewers are and which reviewers are responsible for which reviews, it all becomes meaningless.

      CNS: Perhaps we should give them different pseudonyms. Would that work? This is something new so we are open to suggestions.

      • Anonymous says:

        A nom de plume is a good idea. That way next time this writer mentions a pièce de résistance we will know if it is a hamburger they use as a benchmark.

    • Anonymous says:

      The specials board at Calypso is huge and comes across as overbearing when one considers the limited space between tables. The boards at Morgan’s are the same size as the menus and handed out with it. Not accompanied by the sound of a chair being dragged by a server in a hurry.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, give it up Foodie #1.

        Also, I like a Morgan’s a lot but their tiny one-per-table specials board is annoying. We usually have to take a picture of it and send it to everyone at the table via whatsapp so that we aren’t there all night waiting for each person to see it.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am not Foodie #1. I am Foodie #8.

          Also that’s a great idea with the Whatsapp thing. Thanks Commenter #22.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This review reads like an advert rather than a review. That said I always loved Morgans Harbour but my experience of this establishment since its move has been woeful. The setting is beautiful however the service is poor and the food hit and miss. This has been the separate experience of many of my friends too. The service is far “from top notch”. I would never both to eat here again. Its aggressive front of house manager needs retraining in how to treat her guests.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. I tried to go for happy hour once with a friend visiting our island. There was no one in the restaurant and they didn’t want to serve us ‘just a drink???’. I had to walk to the bar to get the 2nd round as the wait staff were busy doing nothing.
      Went for lunch a couple of times and service has been off hand and the food nothing special. Anyone can grill a fish and the Greek salad was awful.
      Not somewhere I can recommend.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Over-priced to pay for the new digs…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Now this is a review. Makes you want to get up from your desk and just go have lunch. Well done. When most of our clients come on Island I always have to ensure that I book either lunch or dinner at Morgans. They love it.

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