CUC brings in 350 ton generators for new plant

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CUC’s new generators arrive

(CNS): As work gets underway at the North Sound Road site where an additional power plant is being constructed CUC brought in the new generating equipment this week. The first 350 ton diesel generating units was offloaded at the George Town Dock on Saturday night but it took over four hours to move the machine on a special heavy-lift trailer to the plat site just a couple of miles away on Monday night and again for the second unit which was moved on Wednesday.

The generators travelled from the cargo port, up Fort Street to the George Town Town Hall, along on Edward Street past the George Town Post Office onto Elgin Avenue to the Cayman National roundabout and along Thomas Russell Avenue to North Sound Road, around the Butterfield Bank roundabout and on to the Power Plant. A number of CUC vehicles and workers were on hand to assist the convoys specifically where service wires and traffic lights needed to be raised or temporarily disconnected to allow access for the 26-foot high units.

CNS Business“Both generating units safely arrived at CUC’s Power Plant with minimal inconvenience to motorists and customers,” a CUC spokesperson said adding the firm’s thanks to the police for helping with the traffic.

The new engines are part of the Generation Expansion Project and the new engine room will house a 39.7 MW diesel power plant including a 2.7 MW waste heat recovery steam turbine. The project is expected to cost around US$85 million and the generators are due to be on-line next June.

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