Sponsored content: Club Save making big moves, now offers worldwide travel benefits

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Club Save owners, Andre and Sasha Espeut

Club Save, the Cayman Islands’ largest discount programme, is expanding to offer even more savings to its members. Founder and Managing Director Andre Espeut said, “Club Save has taken its place in just six months since launching in the Cayman Islands as the largest savings programme available locally.

“Already, our members can save up to 25 percent off goods ad services – including gasoline, instantly once they present their membership cards. But now, Club Save has expanded its savings programme by adding a huge worldwide travel platform to further benefit membership holders.”

Available since December 1st, Club Save Travel can easily save members as much as 50 per cent off their entire vacation package.

Offering over one million discounts in over one million destinations, the travel programme offers up to 80 per cent off worldwide.

Mr Espeut is confident that Club Save Travel offers the deepest travel discounts available.

He said, “Our super awarding point system to save even further is activated on this platform. We invite you to compare to all other online travel platforms, and we are certain that we can beat all of their prices, period!”

Through Club Save Travel, members have access to discounts on over 600,000 hotels; all major cruise lines; all major car rentals; resort package vacations; vacation homes; condo rentals; movie theatres; theme parks; shows, concert and festivals; campgrounds; excursions and tours; as well as flight packages and recreational activities.

Club Save Travel will also offer a monthly video newsletter advising members of its latest travel deals available.

Mr Espeut said, “Whether you are going on a family vacation or making frequent business trips, Club Save Travel will save you thousands of dollars.”

He continued, “Our membership equals the ability to stretch your pay cheques even further by saving money on and off island constantly, thus providing a better life for you and your family.”

Club Save was founded by Mr Espeut in May 2016 as a way to help residents of the Cayman Islands reduce their cost of living.

Describing the company ethos, Mr Espeut said, “We strongly believe that if everyone, including residents and businesses, come together and unite with Club Save there will be a huge change in the cost of living here in the Cayman Islands.”

CNS BusinesHow does Club Save work?

One Year Personal Memberships cost just CI$50.00

Once you Sign the back of your membership card and visit any of Club Save’s business member establishments listed on the website, at checkout just show them your membership with ID and your savings will apply instantly.

There is also a CSV number on the back of your card which is required for login access to the worldwide travel platform, create your profile and book your entire vacation at unbelievable rates.

Club Save offers free delivery of memberships in the George Town area from Monday through Saturday from 10am-4pm. You can sign up on the Club Save website www.clubsave.ky and have your membership card delivered on the same day.

Club Save also has distribution outlets where you can purchase your membership. Memberships are available at AA Rubis, Seven Mile Beach – 949-7603; Borden’s Pizza, West Bay Road – 949-3462; Rubis Walkers Road, George Town – 949-8451; Automotive Art, Shedden Rd George Town – 949-7102; Paradise Vapors, Eastern Ave George Town – 938-8273; and Godfrey’s Enterprises, Elgin Ave George Town – 949-7953.

Business Memberships are also available with Club Save, and offer an incentive programme for employees. Additional discounts available for bulk purchases.

The Club Save Business Membership gives member companies instant access to the programme’s thousands of personal membership holders.

Other business benefits include a company business profile on a high traffic website; the company location listed on the Club Save GPS smart tech mobile app; access to affordable media packages; increased brand awareness with Club Save’s high exposure marketing capabilities; and more traffic to your business establishment with recurring customers.

“Many of Cayman’s most reputable businesses have joined us, as we offer so much marketing value for such low fees. These companies have capitalized as Club Save offers many marketing strategies which expose them to the community for a fraction of the cost they were previously paying. Our programme guarantees more traffic and sales, increasing revenues and the bottom line. As a result, their businesses will see new faces coming through their doors and strong new relationships being built,” Mr Espeut said.

As an added bonus to business members, Club Save offers weekly video newsletter detailing business member specials.

More growth is also coming to Club Save to offer both personal and business members more advantages with the programme.

Next up is a GPS mobile app which will reminds members of where to save once they are close to a business member location.

“Combined with the Island wide discounts we offer at over 70 business members, the long awaited Club Save Travel as well as the unprecedented unlimited gasoline savings available through Club Save, we believe that the GPS mobile app will make Club Save memberships a must for savvy local shoppers who want to make the most out of their purchasing power,” Mr Espeut said.

To become a member of Club Save, or to find out more information, contact them at info@clubsave.ky; 929-7283 (SAVE); or at www.clubsave.ky