‘The Donald’ to undergo psych and cash review by watchdog

| 01/04/2016 | 3 Comments
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Donald Trump campaigning for the Republican nomination

(CNS Business): Donald Trump, the controversial Republican presidential candidate who may well secure the party’s nomination, will be undergoing detailed scrutiny at the 14th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference in May. The watchdog has announced that the state of Trump’s psychological makeup and his billionaire status will be examined at the upcoming Miami conference. 

Psychotherapist Joe Burgo, author of the book, The Narcissist You Know, will present a session on “The Donald Trump Phenomenon: A Psychological Analysis”, while “Bloomberg Billionaires” editor, Joseph LaFranco, will talk about his estimated net worth. The pole positions of whether Trump is a genius or a madman and very rich or really insolvent will be part of the line-up at the annual conference which focuses on financial crime and the offshore world.

Other speakers at this year’s event include the chief of the FBI’s Money Laundering Unit, James Barnacle; the recipient of a $104 million UBS whistleblower reward, Bradley Birkenfeld; the head of the IRS’ whistleblower program, Lee Martin; short-seller Keith Dalrymple; and leading providers of offshore products and services.

As well as the examination of the Trump phenomenon, the secretive world of tax-avoidance and the hypocrisy of America as a money laundering centre, banks facilitating terrorism and the IRS whistleblowing programme will all be scrutinised at the event.

The conference will take place at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida, on 1-3 May.

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  1. Eck Spat says:

    The power brokers are really worried! They are afraid Trump could get elected and they won’t be able to control him. The American people are tired of gimme gimme politicians. I hope Trump wins…… I also hope he doesn’t get assassinated if he gets to the general election.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we order a psych exam for MLAs/Govt Officials who have made native people extinct and dominated by one group of nationals and a small group of elitist business people? They must be certifiable as crazy!

  3. Anonymous says:


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