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Chamber adds voice to police criticisms

| 21/04/2016 | 7 Comments
CNS Business

2016 Chamber Council

(CNS Business): The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is calling for the departing police commissioner to produce and publish a report detailing the difficulties within the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. In a short statement from the Chamber Council, the members said that the change in leadership with David Baines’ departure presented an opportunity to review the service, as they pointed to concerns about violent crime and selective enforcement of the law.

“The recent trends of violent crime, particularly with the use of firearms and selected enforcement of our laws, cannot and should not be tolerated in the Cayman Islands. We believe the time has come for decisive action to address this and other criminal activity. The Chamber confirms that it will continue to provide any and all assistance to the police when required,” the council stated.

The Chamber still supports and has confidence in the police service but is calling for Baines to review and address any issues impacting the RCIPS’ ability to perform its functions before he leaves, the release stated. The Council also wants his replacement to conduct his or her own review of the police service.

“Once this assessment has been undertaken, the incoming commissioner should prepare a plan of action to improve the ability of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) to protect and serve the people of the Cayman Islands. To the extent that the plan requires any legislative or government support that should be identified,” the release stated.

The Chamber Council also wants the two reports and the plan of action to be made public “so that both the challenges facing the police service and the proposed solutions are known”, while acknowledging that, for reasons of national security, it may be that the reports cannot be made public in their entirety.

“However, the Chamber believes it is appropriate, in so far as possible, for the public to be informed. This will help ensure that the issues facing the RCIPS are addressed and that the appropriate support from the public and private sector can be provided,” the release stated.

Not surprisingly, as the Chamber has been a constant critic of government spending, there was no indication from the business association on whether or not it would support an increase in the $36 million annual budget for the RCIPS.

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  1. Rick says:

    A review? Maybe an exit interview or report on his point of view about RCIPS. Not a review that would cost money and time. And no review by incoming CoP will do it either. They all write a plan to get the job. A proper review should be done by HMIC, using UK best practice as benchmarks to make recommendations for improvements. That is not the same as reviewing the conduct of Baines or others, which I think is a waste of time. Lots of people get blamed for the ills of the RCIPS but if the governance framework is not right, there will always be problems.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why would you want a report or findings to be made by the commander in chief – when his years of leadership in the organization is the problem ?

    Wouldn’t an independent review be more prudent and appropriate under the circumstances?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the independents and opposition members has opened up the way for the Chamber and the government to finally speak out on this issue. The independents and opposition also supports the RCIP, they just wanted a debate to assist the COP in its management.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Chamber members could help by paying a living wage to the bulk of imported hourly wage earners. Importing poverty while pricing local labour out of the market is not good for the wider economy.

    (and cue the ChamberBots thumbs down patrol…….)

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Chamber sadly bears partial responsibility for the RCIPS’s failings, how about they do something about its member that made hefty profits selling so called security services and equipment to the government? Security services and equipment which have performed miserably according to reports in the press. No ethics in business, great example to be setting for society.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Over to you Governor Kilpatrick the ball is now in your court show us something

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