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According to unconfirmed online searches, the members include Nicholas Dunne, a financial lawyer with offshore firm Walkers; Timothy Derrick, also a commercial lawyer with Conyers; Alan Brady, a recruitment manager at Baraud; Susan Bodden, an educational psychologist; Danielle Coleman from Hospice Cayman; Godfrey Meghoo, a retired pastor; and Alecia La Toya Folkes.

It is not clear if the private sector appointees will be joined by professionals from the relevant government departments, such as community rehabilitation or the prison, or whether criminal justice professionals will act as consultants to the members to offer advice. All of the members have been appointed for three years and it will be their role to decide if prisoners, after serving 60% of their sentences, are fit for release and under what conditions.

It will be some time, however, before the new panel will begin hearing cases as the new conditional release law commenced just this week and only applies to prisoners sentenced from now on. All new inmates sentenced to custodial terms of a year or more from Monday will be required to serve a full 60% of their terms before the board will hear their cases.

Prisoners are also expected to undergo full and comprehensive rehabilitation leading to a demonstrable reduction in their risk to the community before they can be released on licence until the end of their full term, if at all.

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