Golf course developers to use waste tyres

| 26/01/2016 | 4 Comments
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Burning tyres and the George Town dump

(CNS Business): Developers of a proposed golf resort in the Frank Sound area have struck a deal with a waste company to use the recycled shredded tyres from the George Town dump as fill for an Arnold Palmer 18-hole golf course. Officials from the Ironwood project said they have signed an agreement with a company that has won the government contract to remove the tyres from the dump and the Department of Environment has given the greenlight for their use

The developers said they have long expressed an interest in using the estimated two million tyres at the landfill for the golf course, which forms the key part of the long-awaited proposed development. Dr Jae Kwang “Jim” Park from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who has conducted research into the feasibility and environmental benefits of using waste tyre material for golf courses, has acted as a consultant for the project.

Park’s research has revealed that in shredded form tyres can absorb pesticides and herbicides from the surrounding environment. The Department of Environment (DoE) has reportedly conducted its own research into the claims and has agreed that use of the material will not be damaging to the local environment and that the shredded fill can be used for the course.

The tyre mountain at the George Town dump has proved difficult to get rid of and several requests for proposals have failed to find a suitable solution. Not only is it an eyesore but the pile of tyres has also proved to be an environmental challenge and the cause of at least one significant dump fire.

The developers said this deal was a viable solution: “That Ironwood will be able use material that is currently an environmental hazard and convert it to a product that will benefit the environment is the ideal outcome, for the government, for Ironwood, for IWC and the earth.”

Ironwood, which has been on the cards as a potential development for several years, recently entered into a duty concession deal with government but there is still no agreement between the parties on the proposed extension to the east-west arterial road, which the developers have said is critical to the project.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ironwood PR team is working hard to keep the proposed development in the news but items like this wont fool people. Also what is this process going to cost the CIG?

  2. R.Miller says:

    Still no mention of these proposed development anywhere on Arnold Palmer websites or design pages….hmmm.

    Ironwood does indeed have a great PR team though.

    Who is the dollars behind this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    How much is government paying to move the tires ? I missed that who won the tender?

  4. UK Driftwood says:

    Sorry folks this development ain’t happening

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