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Kevin Haywood Crouch, Global Head of Forensics and Consulting at KRyS Global

(CNS Business): Cayman-based fraud investigation and asset recovery firm, KRyS Global, which was recently retained by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority to help conduct forensic audits on the authority, has now hired Kevin Haywood Crouch as Global Head of Forensics and Consulting. Last week CIMA Chair Grant Stein revealed that KRyS Global would review any transactions linked to Jeffrey Webb, who has been indicted in the FIFA corruption scandal.

When CNS Business asked KRyS Global if Haywood Crouch would be involved with the CIMA audits, the firm explained that its “engagement by CIMA is subject to very strict confidentiality and unfortunately we are unable to provide any information at this time”.

Announcing the new hire, KRyS Global said that Haywood Crouch is an experienced forensic professional with over 14 years’ experience in forensics and consulting services. He was a Director of Forensic Services for a leading global accounting firm in London, and has significant experience in directing and managing complex investigations including regulatory and fraud investigations. In addition, he has experience in preparing litigation and arbitration expert reports, money laundering reviews, calculating loss of profits, as well as managing large teams working on multi-jurisdictional engagements.

The department he now heads incorporates the forensics, regulatory, valuation and technology service lines offered by the firm.

Haywood Crouch stated, “Frequently multi-jurisdictional fraud investigations will lead to the offshore. I’m eager to apply my wealth of experience in conducting global investigations and apply these tools in the offshore.”

Officials recently stated that five CIMA employees have some connection to former FIFA vice president Jeffrey Webb or his associate, Costas Takkas, who are both charged in the massive ongoing FIFA corruption investigation.

CIMA Managing Director Cindy Scotland’s husband and CIFA official, Mark Scotland, was in Switzerland when Webb and others were arrested. In addition, Gloria Glidden, who serves as deputy head of CIMA’s banking division, is married to former government minister Cline Glidden, who was also in Switzerland with Webb for FIFA’s annual meeting prior to the arrests and was involved in the proposals by CONCACAF to establish a dispute resolution court in Cayman. However, Stein has stressed that no suggestions of wrongdoing have been made against either Scotland or Glidden.



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