Caymankind to be refreshed for summer

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(CNS Business): The Department of Tourism said when it comes to marketing the Cayman Islands as the perfect Caribbean getaway they want to “stand out from the crowds” and show visitors the islands are more than “just a lot of sand, sea and sun”. DoT officials said it’s time to update their branding and advance what the “Caymankind experience” means to US tourists. Director of Tourism Rosa Harris said that this month the department officially welcomes their new public relations and marketing firms, Coyne PR and Bright Red\TBWA, who were hired in April.

After a record-breaking first quarter, Harris said the department is ready to move forward and strengthen their marketing approach. She explained the “Caymankind” promotions tourists see now when they get off the plane or when walking around downtown is one of the first major updates on the list.

Cayman News Service

Rosa Harris, Cayman Islands Director of Tourism

“The creative artwork that we see in market now that is branded ‘Caymankind’ — we hope to have a shoot of the island to update our photo and video assets in order to evolve the ‘CaymanKind’ positioning. So ‘Caymankind’ will remain, it will just take on a new take through the lens of our new agencies,” Harris told CNS Business.

She said the DoT is in the midst of a transition of agencies and feels the fresh approach of the New Jersey-based public relations firm Coyne PR and the Florida-based creative services firm Bright Red\TBWA will put the Cayman Islands ahead of its competition.

“We feel with these new partnerships, that we will be able to have a new lens, a new focus on how we carry on the Cayman Islands’ marketing,” she said. “We have to continue to update our visitation. That’s what stimulates the economy, creates jobs, allows us to thrive as a country.”

The tourism director said brand awareness and visitation is at the top of the list for priorities for the new agencies.

“So our approach to that would ensure that these firms immerse themselves in Caymankind so they’ll visit the island, they’ll meet stakeholders, they’ll understand the Caymanian culture, our way of life so they are able to tell that story through our artwork creatively and also through the articles and press releases and handling media relations on our behalf in the United States,” she explained.

Harris said the DoT also decided to go to market early with their “Summer Only in Cayman” promotions to ensure “we shore up business in the slowest time of the year”.

“We have partnered with our private sector for upgrades,” she said. “Now that the summer promotion has been deployed, we are quickly looking at our collaboration with Cayman Airways in August for their annual anniversary sale to promote within their gateways in the United States.”

Harris concluded by saying, “We try and stay ahead of the curve by being different and always refreshing what we have going in marketing.”

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