AA announces new Dallas-Cayman flight

| 02/02/2015 | 4 Comments

(CNS Business): American Airlines announced last week that it will begin a non-stop weekly service from Dallas, Texas, to Grand Cayman starting 6 June. Using a 737-800 aircraft for the route, the flight will depart Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport at 10:45am and arrive at 2pm in Grand Cayman. The return flight leaves Grand Cayman at 3pm and arrives in Dallas at 6:30pm.

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American Airlines Boeing 737-800

“We are absolutely delighted about this additional service by American Airlines to the Cayman Islands,” said Deputy Premier and Minister for Tourism, Moses Kirkconnell. “This airlift will allow for more visitors from the west coast of the United States as Dallas is one of the main connecting hubs for American Airlines and with the continued growth of the Texas market, this additional service is beneficial for their travel needs.”

Director of Tourism Rosa Harris commented, “The Department of Tourism and private sector partners realize the importance for more flights from Dallas, as the addition of direct service from the Dallas market will go a long way in advancing the Department’s strategy of working to flatten seasonality throughout the year while growing visitation.”

This announcement comes just days after the release of the 2014 year-end tourism arrival statistics, which Harris described as “the best stay-over visitor arrival figure the Cayman Islands has recorded in over 14 years”.

The new American Airlines route to Grand Cayman is one of six it is adding throughout Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America.

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  1. Cayman Traveler says:

    Once again, a totally useless addition, obviously without any consultation with people who know anything about trans-continental scheduling. This AA flight will leave Dallas a full two hours too early to capture one passenger trying to come from the West Coast. Also, without a mid-week departure, we agree it only adds to the saturday congestion at GCM and prevents most business travelers from utilizing the service. So we’re still stuck with the overpriced Houston United flight.

  2. andanotherthing says:

    And another thing on Cayman Airways, they need to have a confirmed evening flight coming back from Jamaica on a Monday evening on holiday weekends. They sometimes add one on, but they need to advertise it earlier not just put it out there at the last minute. Hope someone from Cayman Airways is reading this

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good news generally but it would be even better if it wasn’t scheduled on a Saturday, the Airport’s busiest day, for those of us that travel to the west US and Canada for business. Hopefully it will become busy enough to consider a more regular service.

  4. anotherbrickindawall says:

    That’s good news.
    On another note, why does Cayman Airways always leave it so late to publish their summer schedule. People are booking flights for summer now. We need to know what’s available. Same every year – always last minute. I flew to Panama via Miami last year, just booked it then days later Cayman Airways advertise their Panama Flight, and wonder why its not booked. People book in advance, right now the schedule is only valid until 7th March – that’s less than 5 weeks!
    Come on Cayman Airways, you can do better than this!

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