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New safety guidelines for telecoms industry

| 10/12/2014 | 0 Comments

(CNS Business): The Information Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) has published guidelines for telecommunications workers working on electricity poles in the Cayman Islands to ensure that proper safety standards are being adhered to at all times.

According to the ICTA, the guidelines, which highlight safety measures for both electricity workers and the general public, include the minimum distances that safety workers should have between cables, how tight the telecoms cables laid on the poles should be and how to strengthen the electricity poles.

The guidebook, entitled “General Guidelines for Telecommunication Workers when Attaching to Electric Utility Assets”, is available to download at

It was drafted by DataLink Ltd, which is licensed by the ICTA to manage the ‘telecoms space’ on CUC’s electricity poles.

Cayman’s technology industry worked with DataLink to agree on local best practices in the interest of worker safety. The industry working group “WG-001”, which consists of Industry representatives from C3, DataLink, LIME and Logic will meet on a regular basis going forward, to review the guidelines and make any necessary additions.

Russell Richardson, Deputy Director Industry Affairs at ICTA, said, “The ICTA set up and chaired an Industry Working Group to develop Industry standards aimed at ensuring that telecoms workers, when they are laying telecoms cables on electricity poles, do so in a safe manner. Ensuring proper regulation and safety for all is a primary focus of the authority.”

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