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Job agency introduces specialist accounts training

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CNS Business

Natasha Playne facilitates a Colour Accounting training course

(CNS Business): As local people continue to face an uphill struggle to find work, fourteen job seekers completed a Colour Accounting training course recently via the National Workforce Development Agency, which experts say will help them in their job hunt.

Described as a “revolutionary new way to learn accounting”, the course was sponsored by the Cayman Islands Fund Administrators Association (CIFAA). Colour Accounting provides specialty training using three dimensional tools and colour coding instead of the traditional and often confusing debit/credit approach to a balance sheet.

It is a unique programme in that participants hold, manipulate and engage directly with learning materials to advance understanding and provide insights to business finance, and is used by both commercial and academic organisations.

Natasha Playne, Operations Manager at Risk Pass AML Compliance Ltd, is an experienced trainer and speaker who specialises in explaining difficult accounting concepts in lay terms.

“Colour Accounting is a powerful learning product enabling me to take students from zero to hero in a few short weeks,” she said.  “The programme explains the history of accounting from the 1400s in Italy to understand the structure, language and movement of accounting through to reading and understanding complex financial statements of Walmart Inc.”

CIFAA paid for the workbooks and equipment for the course, while Playne volunteered her services free to deliver the course. Daniel Allard, Chairman of the CIFAA, said he was delighted with the interest and commitment of the participants throughout the programme, and emphasized the value of the certificate.

“CIFAA is happy to be working with the NWDA to provide the Colour Accounting programme which is applicable to any industry.  It is an excellent programme to improve accounting skills and help Caymanian job seekers acquire accounting positions with any industry,” he stated.

Dianne Conolly, NWDA Training and Development Manager, said the training opportunities offered at the NWDA are not only for those seeking employment but also for Caymanians who wish to develop themselves and continue their lifelong learning.

“The NWDA Training and Development Unit has expanded its training offerings and will continue to include specialty workshops such as Colour Accounting,” she added.

For more information on current training opportunities or if your organisation would like to provide specialty training, please contact Dianne Conolly at or call 945-3114. Visit us at and

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