Cayman Express improves airlift for Cayman Brac

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Embraer inflight

(CNS Business): A 30-seat Embraer 120 aircraft, which will be in use by Cayman Airways Limited (CAL) until early next year, completed its inaugural flight between Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac Wednesday 15 October.  The Embraer was obtained under a temporary wet lease arrangement and will be operated by interCaribbean Airways.

According to CAL President and CEO, Fabian Whorms, this aircraft type will be utilized for an interim period while Cayman Airways completes the necessary steps to introduce slightly larger Saab 340 aircraft on the route in early 2015.  “The Saab 340 will be owned and operated by Cayman Airways, staffed with our top ranked Cayman Airways staff and featuring Sir Turtle and the full Cayman Airways livery,” he said.

“The 30-seat aircraft has a flight attendant for passenger comfort and safety and is fully equipped with galley and lavatory facilities,” Whorms noted.  It will allow the reduction of certain jet flights to/from Cayman Brac on days when loads do not typically require the number of seats provided by the jet service (Thursday and Saturday nights), and the Twin Otter service will now be able to focus more on Little Cayman and on service between the Sister Islands.”

Cayman Airways Express flight KX1003 left Grand Cayman at 8am this morning and arrived into Cayman Brac just after 8:30am with all 30 seats full after a brief ribbon cutting at Owen Roberts International Airport to mark the occasion.  The return flight and the first scheduled departure out of Cayman Brac, Cayman Airways Express KX1004 left Cayman Brac at 9:05am.

CNS Business

On the tarmac at ORIA with the Embraer 120 aircraft are (from left): Paul Tibbetts, CAL Executive Vice President and CFO; Fabian Whorms, CAL President & CEO; Phillip Rankin, CAL Board Chairman; Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell; and Chief Officer Stran Bodden

“It is a very proud day for Cayman Airways as we introduce an enhanced flying experience for our daily Cayman Brac flights, which we know will be welcomed by residents and visitors alike,” Whorms said.

Deputy Premier and Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell commented, “I am delighted that we have been able to launch this new service for Cayman Brac through Cayman Airways. This service has been something that I have been passionate about for many years. The increased airlift and seat availability will bring many benefits to not only the Cayman Brac tourism product, but the entire Cayman Brac economy in general.  Cayman Airways has been able to time the flights of the 30-seater to also connect with Little Cayman flights on the Twin Otter and many other international flights into and out of Grand Cayman.”

The Embraer 120 will offer two flights per day to and from Cayman Brac (except for Tuesdays when the aircraft will be on scheduled maintenance) with additional flights on certain heavier demand days that need more seat capacity.  Passengers wishing to travel on the Embraer aircraft can look for flight numbers between 1002 and 1010 when making their bookings.  To book, call Cayman Airways Reservations on 949-2311, contact a travel agent, or book online at

The full schedule for the Embraer 120 is as follows:

GRAND CAYMAN – CAYMAN BRAC                                        CAYMAN BRAC – GRAND CAYMAN______             
FLT         DEPARTS    ARRIVES        FREQUENCY                      FLT         DEPARTS   ARRIVES   FREQUENCY
1003      8:00a           8:40a              DAILY ex: TU                      1002      6:30a          7:10a          MO FR SU
1007      3:00p           3:40p              FR SA SU                             1004      9:05a          9:45ª          DAILY ex: TU
1009      5:10p           5:50p              DAILY ex: TU FR              1008      4:05p          4:45p          FR SA SU
                                                                                                                 1010      6:05p          6:45p          MO WE
On Nov. 6th, as the slow season ends, the schedule will be adjusted to add in the following flights:
GRAND CAYMAN – CAYMAN BRAC                                        CAYMAN BRAC – GRAND CAYMAN___­­­­­_____
FLT         DEPARTS     ARRIVES       FREQUENCY                      FLT         DEPARTS     ARRIVES   FREQUENCY
1005      10:10a         10:50a            SA                                          1006      11:15a          11:55a           SA
1007      3:00p           3:40p              TH                                         1008      4:05p            4:45p             TH


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  1. Twain says:

    That is an expensive aircraft to have sitting on the ground most of the time ! The bottom line is that this additional aircraft is not needed as we have 2 Twin Otter aircrafts and jet service to the Brac much more often than we need it and these planes are flying up and down with very low load factors most of the time. I wonder if the PPM is keeping a close enough eye on Moses ??? They better be careful before they play right into the UK’s hands and give them a reason to shut CAL down. I say this because this policy decision by the PPM will be extremely expensive !!!! Look at the bigger picture Moses. This can’t always be just about Cayman Brac !

  2. Mark says:

    This is a great day for the Brac. Thank you Cayman Airways and Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell. Job well done!

  3. anon says:

    So how do we travel from the Brac to Grand Cayman on a Tuesday?

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