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Prison Service recruits receive CCTV training

| 03/03/2017 | 0 Comments

(CNS Business): Recruits with HM Cayman Islands Prison Service recently received training on how to use the national CCTV network for surveillance operations. The role of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) operator is multifaceted, as use of the system plays a vital role in safeguarding communities, in addition to serving as a functional tool to prevent and reduce crime. Julian Lewis, director of the Department of Public Safety Communications, led the two-part training session. During the exercise, Lewis discussed the purpose of a CCTV system, the importance of codes of practice, operational procedures, privacy and data protection guidelines, stated a government press release.

The nine recruits also learned how to operate the software properly, as well as various basic surveillance techniques and concepts.

Lewis said of the session: “I feel such training is extremely beneficial for all departments, because the more officers we get involved that understand the process and how the system works; the better we can survey and protect the Cayman Islands.

“This exposure to the national CCTV network gives the recruits an appreciation for the work they can do when it comes to contributing to citizen safety.”

Prison Director Neil Lavis added, “The external cameras at HMCIPS are linked to the CCTV system, and maintaining those cameras requires specific competencies. “We always welcome a cross-training opportunity with our security and public safety partners, and this is the first time a training session has been held with new recruits but it won’t be the last.”

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