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Premier reveals details of 3D land parcels

| 06/03/2017 | 12 Comments

(CNS Business): Premier Alden McLaughlin told an audience of realtors, surveyors and property developers that his government plans to steer through legislative amendments during the current session of the Legislative Assembly to facilitate the registration of volumetric, or three-dimensional, land parcels, sub-dividing them into the sky for overhead development. Speaking at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Cayman Islands Property and Construction Conference, McLaughlin said the new parcels would facilitate structures that could span public roads and enable multi-storey construction in differing ownerships outside the Strata Titles Registration Law.

“A key component of this legislation is the introduction of positive covenants that will run with the land and be enforceable,” he told the property sector  audience attending the event at the Marriott hotel.

“It is this government’s view that the introduction of the volumetric parcel legal mechanism will provide the construction industry with the necessary framework from which it can commit further significant investment into imaginative modern real estate development projects in the Cayman Islands. By adopting these legislative proposals, the Cayman Islands shows itself to be forward thinking, competitive and willing to embrace new concepts and ideas,” the premier added.

He also said that his government was looking to the longer term and the sustainability of development in Cayman and encouraging developers to look beyond “making a quick buck”.

The premier said the full implementation of the National Conservation Law meant the National Conservation Council could now review the impact of proposed development to ensure that what’s important to our heritage is not simply destroyed forever. He said government had set aside funds to buy land identified as being of critical importance so it could be protected, and pointed to the recent acquisition of land at Smith’s Barcadere to protect it from development.

The changes to the Builders Law was another issue that he said would help regulate the industry.

“This dates back to Hurricane Ivan, which created vast amounts of work for builders, drawing in an unqualified and inexperienced workforce,” he said. “This new law will ensure that all categories of builders are licensed as being suitably experienced and competent, and will also require them to operate within the wider framework of building codes and employee pensions and healthcare. It will provide a reviewing body for complaints. This will help ensure that standards of workmanship are maintained right across our construction industry so our buildings may last longer.”

During his address he told the audience that a buoyant construction and real estate market was a key source of income for the local economy, “from the duty levied on building materials, the fees levied on work permit fees, right through to all the wages that buy local goods and services”. The stronger the property market, the more stamp duty is received, he noted.

McLaughlin said that following his appearance at the conference in 2016, when he said the government was starting a number of infrastructure projects, many, such as the airport as well as road developments, were well underway.

See the premier’s full address here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The CIG was contractually required to implement Air Parcels Legislation by Dec 2016, per the NRA Agreement signed May 2016. There are severe penalties for falling in breach of the timetables set out. It would be appropriate for everyone, including the media, to read this 34 page leaflet:

    Tell us again how this is “Alden’s idea”?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is like the people who hate Trump. Everyone complaining here still goes to Camana Bay, why? Cause its practical ,thrilling, an excellent place to socialize free wi-fi, etc, etc. Stop complaining going up is practical, visionary ,airy, beautiful scenery, exhilarating etc.etc.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We will be able to sell time shares all the way to the moon!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This man lives in la la land. Where is the mandatory solar energy for all new builds if only to heat water, why is there no tax on these million $ condos being built to support social housing.
    No vision no future

  5. Anonymous says:

    Funny Alden is embracing new things but each time McKeeva brought in all the new ideas and business he opposed everything! Can’t wait til elections!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Notice that all of dart projects get what ever they need form what ever government is in place at the time. No public consultation or input asked for or given. At most they may hold session with sectors of industry explaining what they are doing but that is different than asking for public input. they get the nod from government and shovels are in the ground before minds can change.

  7. Anonymous says:

    1) This is for Dart so they can build tunnels over the public West Bay Road.
    2) Does anyone think that “the National Conservation Law meant … that what’s important to our heritage is not simply destroyed forever.” It sure doesn’t say it in the title. (Stop a road through a forest, maybe. Stop a road from becoming a tunnel? Not going to happen so lets not pretend that the public are idjuts.)
    3) This isn’t a question of whether the West Bay Road TunnelS are right or not. Its an appeal to just be straight with the public.

  8. Sharkey says:

    I think that this Government is developing and destroying Grand Cayman too dam fast , but I understand the way they are thinking , let’s do the development now and make the money now , and to hell with the future .

    I think that if Caymanians don’t wake up today they are not going to have any future tomorrow.

  9. Fred says:

    Nothing to do with Mr Darts enthusiasm for building over the top of existing roads, where he does not have title to the roadway, of course. Because otherwise, who owns the surface of the land built over the road? Explains why the Esterly Tibbets and West Bay Road flyover are so wide – not just for roads – they are going to erect buildings over what would other side be public land.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is all being done as part of the PPM selling out and taking orders form Dart. Just like the “10” story Kimpton which angered Kurt who said they would fix the loop hole that allowed that, but at Darts request ( or is that direction) they did not.
    It is time we took the island back for the people of Cayman not the rich developer(s).

  11. no sah says:

    Christ now he selling the air to DART

  12. Midnight Watchman says:

    Just in time for Dart to build another hotel that spans the new ETH tunnel. How coincidental, shame on you, you sell out!

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