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| 01/09/2016 | 3 Comments
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Sacha Tibbetts, CUC VP, Customer Services and Technology

(CNS Business): The monopoly power provider on Grand Cayman has brought in consultants to begin drawing up potential future plans for CUC to consider to maintain a safe, reliable and viable electricity supply for the next three decades. Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) will set out a proposal for renewable energy and consider what the technological changes might be over the coming 30 years, should the company retain its licence with government, and predict the best way for CUC to keep the lights on.

At a public meeting last month, CUC set out its goal to ensure that all energy options are explored before decisions are made on what the grid can accommodate in future and explain the work the consultants, Pace Global, will be doing.

“As a utility, we have to plan for the long term to ensure reliability of service and the sustainability of the country’s electrical system,” said Sacha Tibbetts, CUC’s vice president for customer services and technology. “This IRP study will position the company to better understand the needs of the community we serve and at the same time ensure that CUC has the right energy resource mix for the future.”

At the public presentation the consultants provided an overview of the process that will be used to find the optimum renewable energy solutions for Grand Cayman and how a final decision will be made, as well as the role the public can play in determining what renewable methods might be used.

In order to determine the best option, data such as load forecasts, plant characteristics, renewable generation profiles and current and future costs were also discussed.

The consultants also said they would be thinking about how the rapid development of technology might change the way power is generated, especially as solar costs fall and the technology regarding the storage of generate power develops. It is not inconceivable that over the next thirty years more and more homeowners will generate their own power, and while CUC has to consider population growth and growing demand, they also must consider how renewable technology may reduce demand on the grid as well.

The IRP study will take approximately 18 weeks to be completed. During this time, the consultants will provide an update on the progress of the study and invite members of the public to provide further input.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    . . .potential “future plans for CUC”. I’d be happier if they sorted out their current, unreliable supply to the island. Yesterday, the power went off for a couple of seconds trashing the motherboard of my washing machine. For what we pay for power, we should expect a far more reliable service. The problem is, of course, CUC is a monopoly and, despite their rhetoric to the contrary, they don’t have to care.

  2. Anonymous says:

    CUC don’t care about anything they cannot control. With smart use of today’s solar, intelligent property design and a healthy investment in a well-sized battery bank, it is possible to say goodbye to CUC forever.
    This is a company who put solar on their own rooftop and let it fall into neglect. Sure they care. Try again. Fail.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then go ahead with your solar panels & battery bank. No one is stoping you. Say goodbye to CUC. HOWEVER, make sure you disconnect the utility wires from your house. I do not wish to pay CUC to maintain the opportunity for you to connect on ocasions, e.g. extended cloud cover, battery maintenance/replacement, etc.

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