Maedac pulls out of retail fuel trade

| 11/05/2016 | 2 Comments
CNS Business

Maedac is closing down the gas station side of its business

(CNS Business): After more than thirty years selling fuel to Cayman drivers, Maedac has pulled out of the gas retail business and will be focusing on its wholesale business and other new business-to-business projects. Maedac Rubis gas station on Crewe Road closed down last week because, Operations Manager Morgan DaCosta explained, it was time for a new approach. He told CNS Business that there were no issues with Rubis, who had been excellent partners, but the company’s future lay in a new direction.

Although the pumps have now been decommissioned, the mini-market, carwash and tyre shop will remain open for business, as the management team focuses on the company’s wholesale business.

DaCosta said he was really grateful to the community for the last 32 years and he said he was going to miss the regular customers.

“We have many heartfelt memories and we know many families grew up stopping into ‘Mr Hartmann’s gas station’ for candies, snacks and the famous smoked beef sandwiches,” he recalled.


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  1. Rundown says:

    I can’t believe this. Now I got to leave town by Walkers Rd. in order to get gas and cheetos.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kind of silly since the gas brought customers into the store.

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