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Gambling on cruise ship(CNS Business): Commerce Minister Wayne Panton is hoping that the amendments to the gambling law that came into effect on 1 January will steer in new business for the shipping registry. As well as creating a lawful regime for raffles by nonprofit organisations locally, the changes allow for gambling on cruise ships that are registered in the Cayman Islands. Panton said the legislation would encourage more cruise vessels to register here, as well as paving the way for more community fundraising.

“The initial goal of the amendment was to attract the cruise ship industry to Cayman with legislation that endorses gambling on their international voyages,” he said. “After further discussion with my colleagues, it became clear that there was also a need to legalise the staging of raffles by voluntary organisations that raise funds for programmes that contribute to society.”

The amendment, which was passed by the Legislative Assembly in October 2015, legalises gambling on cruise vessels if they are registered in the Cayman Islands under a contract of carriage from a major cruise carrier, they are passenger ships carrying more than 12 people, they are in international waters and on an international voyage between Cayman and another port of call. Gambling is not permitted on any vessel while it is in port in the Cayman Islands or in Cayman’s territorial waters.

The amendment also legalises raffling by nonprofit organisations such as church groups, sports teams and community service clubs. Previously, NPOs that raised cash through raffles were considered in breach of the law and subject to penalties.

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  1. Hail de Man says:

    Hoping the amendment will steer business , what in the Sam Hill do these politicos feed on. In this business you don’t hope, you amend because either you have cussed out applicants or you have people ready to sign up. This hoping preposterous nonsense is archaic to say the least.

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