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CAL starts using new boarding ramps

| 03/12/2015 | 1 Comment
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Cayman Airways new boarding ramps with their Saab aircraft (Photo by James Tibbetts)

(CNS): Passengers on Cayman Airways have begun using the airline’s new ramps to get on and off the planes. Officials said the new ramps improve safety and comfort, particularly for people with disabilities including those in wheelchairs. The airline said they are a significant step forward for passenger convenience, with an inclined walkway replacing the conventional stairs.

The national flag carrier has begun using the ramps on its Boeing 737 jet flights as well on its smaller Saab and Embraer flights following their acceptance for use by the Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) and the completion of ground operations staff training on how to use them.

“We have invested in boarding ramps to improve our passenger’s travel experience while increasing the efficiency of our operations.” said CEO Fabian Whorms. “These new boarding ramps provide a quicker, more comfortable boarding and deplaning experience for everyone, but particularly for those with limited mobility or those needing wheelchair assistance. We know how much it means for individuals to be able to walk on and off a plane on their own and for families to easily board together.”

CNS Business

Cayman Airways begins using new boarding ramps (Photo by James Tibbetts)

He explained that wheelchair passengers had to be physically carried up or down the stairs by staff, but the new ramps allow them to board in a safe and dignified manner with their chairs being wheeled right onto the plane.

“We pride ourselves in delivering Caymankindness with true Caymanian hospitality and we see the boarding ramps as one more way we can make our passengers’ experience just a bit more special,” he added.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Tourism Moses Kirkconnell said all travellers, particularly those with limited mobility, will now enjoy a high quality flight experience.

The new boarding ramps are also welcomed by Parker Tibbetts, the patron of the new draft Cayman Islands Disability Policy. Having tried them out, he said they would be a great improvement to the existing experience, providing faster and safer boarding for everyone.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good job. Cayman Airways, the best. Just want to make a comment on the flights to Cuba. With the new addition of a fligth to Cuba- Holguin. Just wonder if it would also be possible to add our old and abandoned Isle Of Pines to the route, with just a one stop. This in order to help reconect both Islands again. Please note that the mayority of the Cayman descendants are from there, and having a direct flight would open the oportunities for the Caymanians and their relatives to reconect and also to know the place. Instead of the Habana fligth just passing over Isle of Pines, have a stop on their way to Cuba and back. That would help keep the fligths full at all times. Many of the Cuban-Caymanians don’t travel cause of the strugle they face once they land in Habana, to try to reach Isle of Pines. Hope some one helps. Thanks so much. God bless.

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