Cuba hot topic at Cayman’s tourism conflab in NY

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(CNS Business): Emerging markets such as Latin America, Germany and China, as well as the USA’s relaxation on visitation to Cuba and its impact on the Caribbean marketplace were top areas of discussion this week, when the Ministry and Department of Tourism headed to the Big Apple to discuss strategies for promoting tourism in the Cayman Islands. 

Officials met with global partners in New York City to develop an integrated marketing strategy for the next year and discussions focused on how the Cayman Islands can set itself apart from its competition and to leverage these new destinations to benefit Cayman, although the neither the ministry nor the DoT shared any outcomes or conclusions emerging from the New York meetings.

“The commitment of the many individuals who are part of the DoT global team is paramount to our success and I am very excited to see the outcomes of these meetings demonstrate our commitment to tourism,” Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said. “The time together to discuss and plan was invaluable and the ideas born of these meetings will be the business tactics that take the destination forward in the years to come.”

While in New York, the Minister, accompanied by Councillor for Tourism, Joey Hew, met with several influential journalists from major companies such as Departures, The Wall Street Journal, Manhattan Magazine, The Knot and a new global digital content outlet called The Globalist. Conversations with the writers positioned the Cayman Islands as the premiere destination for exceptional interactions with local residents, and focused on the breadth of opportunities on-island, including accessibility from the US, new hotels, exceptional food, the Botanic Park, Stingray City and Rum Point.

“The path to success for any tourism organization is directly linked with the dedication of an excellent team, the support of government, and the vision to think strategically for the future,” Director of Tourism Rosa Harris said.

Kirkconnell and Harris facilitated the event. Also in attendance for the strategic meetings were Councillor Hew; Chief Officer for Tourism Stran Bodden;  Cayman Islands Aviation Authority CEO Albert Anderson; Cayman Airways Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer, Paul Tibbetts; Marketing and Promotions of District Administration Manager Chevala Burke; Cayman Islands Tourism Association, Executive Director, Tiffany Ebanks; Department of Tourism  team, and the international marketing agencies of record in advertising, public relations, media buying and digital services.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What are you going to do when Carnival sails to cuba because they have a pier. Its not like you weren’t told to build one.
    I for one am getting ready to move my operations to cuba they have nice beaches low crime and lots of tourists…. My building will remain empty like the rest of the buildings in ghostgeorgetown

  2. Anonymous says:

    Clearly a DoT/GIS press release. What really happened and how much did it all cost us?

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