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ICTA website gets facelift and improves access

| 11/02/2015 | 0 Comments

(CNS): The Information & Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) has launched a new website that brings the regulator into the 21st century, offering greater access to everything, from buying KY domain names to links for streaming all local radio stations. Aiming to provide an enhanced level of service to its primary clients, the general public and ICT licensees, the authority said it is using the site to deliver a wide range of information, including statutory obligations and public feedback on ICTA related matters.

Launched last month, the new website is a major tool in the ICTA’s goal of ‘paperless’ business but it also serves as a demonstration to the rest of government what a website can do. The new site shows the possibilities available for e-government in general as well as the need to improve the poor quality, limited access and often out of date sites currently managed by many government entities.

ICTA Managing Director Alee Fa’amoe said the new ICTA site provides opportunities for the public and ICT licensees to interact with the authority. In line with the authority’s “paperless” policy, Fa’amoe said applications and other transactions can now be accessed through the website, saving time and resources.

People can also use the website to provide feedback or share concerns and to register complaints on any of the ICTA’s many areas of responsibility, such as the quality of the ICT licensees installations, bandwidth speed and mobile coverage.

The section of the website dedicated to “consumers” includes topics such as number portability, selecting voice, mobile and data services and checking bills electronically.

“Our renewed focus on consumer affairs aims to make the entire network more robust, while protecting infrastructure and services,” said ICTA’s Deputy Director Consumer Affairs, and the website’s project manager, Glen Daykin.  “Customer satisfaction is of paramount concern to us, and we work with our industry partners and end-users to ensure that an optimum service is provided.”

Daykin, who is serving as the webmaster, said that in its interaction with industry partners the authority wants to ensure customers receive value for money and quality service in connectivity and standards of broadcast entertainment, news and public-service information in the organisations it regulates.

The ICTA is encouraging its industry partners, as well as the broader public, to use the website for information-sharing as well as the streamlined services.

Visit the new ICTA website

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