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‘Vast improvements’ at NWDA

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(CNS): Generally the feedback about the changes that have happened at the National Workforce Development Agency have been positive, according to Employment Minister Tara Rivers, who said that a number of clients have noticed the vast improvements from where the agency was a year ago. This includes a new upfront assessment system to identify people who have the skills to find a job and just need access to the job openings registered at the NWDA rather than have an Employment Services Officer (ESO) assigned to them.

There’s been a concerted effort to restructure the agency, Rivers said. Two more ESOs have been hired, bringing the number to four, and they now are part of an Employment Services Unit, which also now has manager and an assistant employment services officer. The Training and Development Unit is more ably staffed.

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is completely sufficiently staffed because of course there are always more needs than there are resources,” the minister said but noted that the unit now has a manager and an outreach coordinator.

The NWDA not only offers programmes at the office above the Butterfield Bank at the mid-town plaza but also goes to all of the districts on a monthly basis to facilitate job registration and training exercises because the people that need these services may not be able to get to George Town, Rivers said.

While highlighting what she described as “real positive move in terms of the services offered”, Rivers said the agency was continuing to develop and expand as well as to streamline and restructure. An example of that is the development of a new intake and assessment programme which looks at each person registering and make a determination as to whether they are sufficiently self-reliant to be able to access the jobs and services directly without actually having to have an employment services officer assigned to them.

However, people who may need more assistance and direct interventions are assigned to an ESO and a professional development plan is developed for them. They are then responsible for taking advantage of the training opportunities offered to them in order to access the job referral services, Rivers said.

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