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Rationalization success depends on implementation team

| 28/07/2014 | 1 Comment

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce encourages the government to be transparent and to share the EY report on government rationalization, which is expected this week. However, Chamber President Johann Moxam said it was “imperative” that the government then puts together a competent and professional implementation team. “That is the key to the overall success of this exercise, ensuring that the persons responsible and tasked with taking the recommendations and implementing them have the necessary skills experience and expertise to get it done,” he told CNS Business.

“We’d hope that the implementation team will have individuals that can be objective, and if necessary from the private sector working in partnership with the government, to ensure that the overall success of this,” he said.

“Everyone wants the Cayman Islands to succeed but everyone also understands that one of the greatest costs to the country is the cost of doing business,” Moxan said, noting that this was largely driven by the size of core government.

Currently there are over 6,000 people employed within core government and the statutory authorities, which he said was quite large for a population the size of the Cayman Islands’. But he stressed the need for a phased approach, and said a “3% reduction over the next five years or so is the right target for rightsizing the Cayman Islands civil service”.

He said the Chamber would expect that if the country is going through a rationalization exercise there should be no exceptions in reviewing the finances of the country, including Cayman Airways and the Water Authority.

“I believe the premier said that there were no sacred cows and it’s important that the report reflect that,” Moxam said.

But it is even more important that “the implementation team put together operates to that standard and that they are objective, transparent and do their job in the most professional and efficient manner,” he said.

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  1. Michael Smith says:

    In the past few years the government’s payroll headcount has ballooned by 50% or 2,000 people and this guy thinks a reduction of 180 people over a 5 year period is the answer?

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