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Employment agency looks for accountability from job hunters

| 23/07/2014 | 0 Comments

(CNS Business): Job seekers registered with the NWDA who appear to have trouble holding down a job will now be accountable and employers will be required to say why they did or did not hire an applicant sent to them by the National Workforce Development Agency, according to Employment Minister Tara Rivers. The NWDA is expecting positive results, she said, both from employers taking a more active role in trying to find suitably qualified Caymanians and from employees taking responsibility for their actions. Where those actions have led to dismissal, the NWDA can require that job seeker to actually deal with their problems if they want to continue to receive the agency’s services.

Part of the tracking system that has been built into the job database registration process for employers as well as employees is to get a better idea of the client’s experience when they go for job interviews and if they are hired the agency will get an idea regarding the longevity of that employment, the minister told CNS Business.

“If we have situations where clients are coming back to the agency on multiple occasions, having got a job, lost a job, looking to get another job, we’re able to do a better analysis as to what really is going on with this individual, why are they experiencing a revolving door situation and … try to draw on what other sources of support this person may need prior to sending them out to another job,” Rivers said.

Conversely, the tracking system will show that job hunters who have sent out resumes to number of employers but never heard back from anyone have actually applied for these jobs, she said, and the employer now has to take the responsibility to say why this person was or wasn’t suitable for the job.

“So it just increases the transparency; it increases the accountability in the system for everybody involved,” Rivers said.

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