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Contractors should be consulted for airports project

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(CNS Business): The redevelopment of the Owen Roberts International Airport is number one on the list of national priorities, but in addition to the proposals in the finance report put forward by consultants PricewaterhouseCoppers, government should also consult the Cayman Contractors Association regarding costs and what is possible, Chamber of Commerce President Johann Moxam told CNS Business.

The business case for the airports show that the estimated cost for the development of all three airports would be around $122 million over 18-20 years, which includes $40 million for maintenance.

Saying that the government is to be congratulated for acknowledging the concerns of the general public, Moxam said it would be in the government’s best interest to consult with organisations like the Contractors Association to verify the possibilities of what can be done with the redevelopment of ORIA.

“It would help if the country were to get more information from those involved in the trades and who can actually speak more comprehensively to what the proposed plans are and the costs. It is imperative that the country gets value for money with this project.”

ORIA should be the priority, he said, but there are concerns raised about the redevelopment Little Cayman airport, which will cost around $20 million over the lifespan of that project.

“We need to make sure that the limited resources and funding that we have – because` it’s clear from the proposal that funding will come from the Airports Authority – that those funds are used to their maximum and that the country receives value for money.”

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